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Meet Hope & The Founder

Welcome to Hope Alzheimer's & Dementia Care! We are so grateful you have taken the time to visit our website and hopefully get some insight on what Hope can do for you and your loved ones. Jessica Dawn Bernhardt is the founder of HopeShe is a Registered Nurse and is currently obtaining her certification as a Certified Alzheimer's Caregiver through the National Certification Board of Alzheimer and Aging Care. Her experience and time spent working as a Registered Nurse on the Medical-Surgical Unit, Oncology Unit, and Acute Rehabilitation Unit through our local Feather River and Enloe hospitals has provided her with years of experience to bring you the best care.​

Jessica is known for her loving and nurturing nursing spirit along with a desire to bring the absolute best to each and every one of her guests and caregivers. Her passion for memory care began when she started caring for her grandmother at 89 years of age when her memory started to fail her and quickly progressed into a moderate stage of mixed dementia, in her case, vascular dementia and Alzheimer's disease. Jessica saw the need for not only care for her grandmother, but also the respite care for her mother on a daily basis. 

Any stage of dementia can be challenging for anyone, but it does not have to be without Hope. We are here to assist with giving our clients and caregivers a better outcome through each and every story and stage of dementia and Alzheimer's that their loved ones go through. Hope is here to give the best quality of life back so that each day is more fulfilling and manageable. Hope is ready to share their experience and dedication with you and your family. We look forward to hearing from you! 

"We are in this together, Hope is here"

Alzheimer's & Dementia Adult Day Care


Meet Jessica


Respite care at Hope Alzheimer's & Dementia Care
Mental and social stimultion at Hope Alzheimer's & Dementia Care

Respite Care

Peace of mind at Hope Alzheimer's & Dementia Care

Mental & Social


Our Respite care provides short-term relief for primary caregivers. Even though many families take great joy in providing care to their loved ones so that they can remain at home, the physical and emotional consequences for the family caregiver can be overwhelming without some support, such as respite. At HOPE, we take respite care to a new horizon, providing a more personal experience by only accepting 6 patients per day. This way we can focus on each patient more carefully, and make sure they feel like they are in a comfortable home and not a facility.

Healthy Meal Plans

Healthy Meal Plans

Dining is a delight at Hope. Offering proper nutrition is important to keep the body strong and healthy. For a person with Alzheimer's or dementia, poor nutrition may increase behavioral symptoms and cause weight loss. We ensure all dietary needs are presented at the table by providing fresh, organic options and proven recipes to boost brain health. We dine together, engage and interact just as a family would.  

Peace of Mind

Knowing that your loved one is in a loving and caring environment means the world to you and to us. We take absolute pride in, and consideration to, every individual's needs and desires tailored to our programs on a daily basis. 

Exercise at Hope Alzheimer's & Dementia Care


Exercise training improves many elements of physical wellness among older adults, including aerobic fitness and functional mobility and reduces the risk of chronic disease. In studies, exercise habits are associated with better upper body strength, aerobic endurance, and balance in patients with Alzheimer's disease and dementia. Our daily morning exercise routines reap mental, sleep, alertness, mood, blood glucose and blood pressure benefits.

Anyone who is dealing with the inability to connect with the world around them can hugely benefit from mental and social stimulation. It allows them to relate in other positive ways. Sensory stimulation can be used to trigger thoughts, memories or feelings that would otherwise be buried below the surface. Hope provides an array of mental and social exercises that have been proven to improve sleep quality, lower blood pressure, and decrease depression and anxiety.

Consistency at Hope Alzheimer's & Dementia Care


Hope is here five days a week, eight hours a day and is curtailed to your needs. We are available to you for half or full days from the hours of 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Over time, having a consistent caregiver allows your loved one to have a sense of trust, feeling safe and promotes better wellbeing as well as a consistent schedule for our caregivers. 

Janette B., Chico, CA

“Jessica was my father's nurse in the hospital.  Not only did my father have dementia, but he was also recovering from a heart surgery.  Her knowledge of his condition and her care blessed us during our stay.  We now look forward to visiting her day care, and having respite help for myself and my significant other."

Diane O., Chico, CA

"After eight years of caring for my 97-year-old mother who has dementia, I realized I needed help during the day.  I was tired and after time I was unable to give the care I wanted for her.  Finding Hope has made a life changing difference for myself and my husband.  My mother comes home and I can see she has had a day with those who have given her loving and quality care."

Christopher D., Incline Village, NV

"My mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's and dementia just three years before she passed.  Jessica provided knowledgeable and heartwarming care for her during her last few years of life.  I would recommend Hope to anyone looking for quality care for their loved ones with any type of dementia."

Meet Our Team

At Hope we are skilled and professionally trained Alzheimer's and dementia caregivers. We recognize the symptoms and we understand expected outcomes of these conditions. It is our passion at Hope to provide daily, quality care and support for our clients and their caregivers who are managing Alzheimer's or other forms of dementia.  

Contact Us

We look forward to speaking with you.  Please reach out with any questions and comments.  You may fill out the form here, or call us during our operating hours.  If we do not answer, we are with a client and will return your call or message as soon as possible. 

Opening Hours

Mon - Fri

Saturday & Sunday

8:00 am – 5:00 pm


1272 Arch Way  Chico, California 95973

530-592-9083 (Text Friendly)

Please allow 24 hours for a response. If you wish a call back, please provide your phone number. Thank you!

Schedule a Consultation

Hope is now open and scheduling guests beginning March 1, 2024.

Here at Hope we believe that flexibility is important for whatever journey our Caregivers are facing. We do not require a minimum number of days to attend our program. You are welcome to schedule as little as a half day in one month.


Call us today to take a tour of Hope and to determine if we are the right fit for you and your family. We look forward to being a part of your caregiving team!


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With an emphasis on Alzheimer's and dementia-related diseases, our mission is to serve and support Butte County with an exceptional community and residential-based Social Adult Day Program and person-centered care through exercise, education, nutrition and therapeutic programs.


It is our vision that Hope Alzheimer's & Dementia Care will be known in Butte County as the organization that makes a difference in the lives of Alzheimer’s & dementia clients and their families by engaging hearts, transforming lives and erasing boundaries.

Core Values:

Our Staff has designated these six core values that embody what we stand for here at Hope. They are guiding principles about the way we work and make our decisions on a daily basis. These values help us succeed in fulfilling our mission.



We serve others by bringing about the desired improvement in the well-being of individuals and families. Our efforts and relationships are unified in purpose and action to address the issues that affect our clients and caregivers.

Image by Priscilla Du Preez


We practice acts of empathy and kindness when providing services and care. We understand the human condition of the disease through specialized training, and seek to preserve a quality of life for our clients and caregivers throughout the duration of the disease process.

Image by Alex Shute


We are honest, trustworthy, and conduct ourselves with the highest standards of ethics. We are committed to providing service that is courteous, responsive, and contributes to a positive experience for clients, caregivers, volunteers, and fellow employees.

Image by Ian Schneider


We faithfully commit to fulfilling the organization’s mission by serving and supporting others. We expect from ourselves open communication and going above the call of duty.

Research Team


We work in unison through mutual cooperation and teamwork towards achieving common goals by sharing our ideas and skills. We are willing to replace self-interests with organizational goals to ensure team success.


Personal Goals

We engage in activities that improve self-awareness, develop skills, and promote learning. We take pride in our work to realize our dreams and aspirations.

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